Delivery / Housekeeping


Delivery will be on Thursday afternoon of the week following your order being placed. We will deliver within the Christchurch city limits, other areas may be possible, by arrangement. Deliveries can be made to private households or workplaces (ground floor or Reception only). Pies will be delivered chilled from our bakery – you will need to provide a “chilli-bin” or Esky with minimum internal measurements of: 24cm wide x 35cm long x 15cm high. We can supply a polystyrene chilli-bin for the sum of ($    ) if you would prefer, this will then be yours to keep for future use.


Use by Date:

This is 8 days from date of delivery.


Refrigeration; Freezing:

At all times please keep your pies refrigerated or frozen. We actually recommend you only keep pies in the refrigerator that are going to be eaten immediately. Please freeze the balance. This is not a food safety warning – it’s a food freshness recommendation. The true flavour will dissipate over time, in a refrigerator. Pies can stay frozen for up to a year.  



Times depend on the heating speed of your oven and if in fan bake mode. We recommend heating the pies in a preheated oven 150-180 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. Experiment a little to find the perfect setting for your oven. (Add another 20 minutes if heating a frozen pie.)



We do not recommend heating pies in your microwave. The pastry becomes soggy and loses its texture. It is OK, though, to microwave a frozen pie for 1-1.5 minutes before heating in the oven. Then heat in the oven for the 10-15 minute period.