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Order Online - Christchurch City, and Lyttelton to Governors Bay

Mix 'n Match Packs

Order any six small pies you like, or 12 or 18 or more... 
(So long as it's a multiple of 6, because each box has to hold 6 pies so they travel safely.)

Order Family Sized Pies in even numbers of large pies: 2, 4, 6 or more...

(Any combination of flavours are fine as long as there is an even total number of family pies.)

Pies are delivered chilled – if you aren't home during the day, you will need to provide a chilli-bin or Esky with minimum internal measurements of: 24cm wide x 35cm long x 15cm high. 

Orders placed by midnight Sunday will be delivered the following week.*

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